1 new from $39.00 Buy Now Amazon.com. Consumer Support(800) 550-7655. Maybe a dock box would be a good storage spot for you. This style of pontoon cover fastens to the boat via snaps around the perimeter and features a venting system. Started researching about what to do. I have gathered some valuable information, plus some frequently asked questions to help you compare various brands and support pole models that would work great for your requirements. One minor that you may encounter once you buy this model is the base of the support poles. The system includes 50 feet of webbing, quick release buckles, a boat cover support pole that snaps to the webbing, and two hooks to attach to the transom. These vents work in partnership with adjustable boat cover poles. Batten Socket (2) $15.99. Proof that there is NO better system to support your pontoon or deck boat cover. Shop now. The purpose of this invention is to keep your pontoon boat dry by creating a support system that arches the cover to shed off rain. Rage Powersports Telescoping Aluminum Boat Cover Support Pole, 7. Such accessories make it easy yet effective to protect boat covers from harmful elements and extreme weather conditions. There are different types of boat cover support pole systems that you can select from, and these consist of: Why do you need a boat cover support pole? Additionally, it is quite easy to store during boating off-season. Other Boat Marine Vent Styles. I am amazed by this pole’s very solid craftsmanship. The sturdy base and mushroom top of the poles greatly help apportion the load and safeguard the boat cover from stress tearing. A Boat Vent 3® is installed into the reinforcement patch. With this boat cover support system, you’ll never have to worry about water pooling again! Pontoon boat covers are an important consideration for … As a result, contraction and expansion are inevitable, and your valuable boat is under siege. It is not as expensive as other similar options, yet it can work excellently for what it was engineered for. The job of warding off debris and water from pooling in your watercraft cover is a dreadful task, especially for those who are novices in the boating field. If mildew and mold accumulation in your boat is a serious concern, this can be the right solution for that! Consider creating a regular cleaning and maintenance schedule. Surely, you can end up buying the one that can precisely suit the type of application you’ll use it for. The Pontoon Boat Arch Cover Support System has just received its snow load ratings. Nov 27, 2014 - Buy the Arnall's Arch Cover Support System and more quality Fishing, Hunting and Outdoor gear at Bass Pro Shops. Otherwise, it can easily fall apart. Taylor Made Boat Cover Support System. I just got the EZ-Xtend Boat Zippers for my canvas and what a simple solution! You may research the most trusted brands when it comes to manufacturing support pole systems. Easily adjustable boat cover support keeps water from accumulating in center of cover. Great in all kinds of weather including freezing cold, … More than the aesthetic aspect of the boat cover support pole, you also need to thoroughly check the necessary attributes it possesses, as well as the benefits it can offer when you start using it for your boat cover. . We have a great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free shipping on many items! Luckily, the current price tag of this support pole fits any type of budget. One simple way to prevent mildew and sun damage is to use a pontoon … The 5 Best Pontoon Boat Covers of 2020 Read More » Searching for the right boat cover pole stand kit for your boating requirements can be overwhelming. This easily installed system includes two adjustable support poles (bright dip anodized – snap ends). 1 new from $39.00 Buy Now Amazon.com. Compare. Some support pole system versions are most efficient if utilized for a small spot of cover, i.e. Unlike other support pole systems, I can extend this model up to 47-inches. Another thing I like is that the base of this support pole is tough and solid. Boat Cover Super Support Pole (12) $47.99. No poles needed with the Hangtyte System. 5-years warranty. Thank you so much for your quick response on our first order. We highly recommend purchasing Support Poles or a Support System to help prolong the life of your cover, which in many cases will allow the cover to outlast the warranty. SEAMAX Universal Boat Cover Support Pole System for Boats up to 26ft Telescopic Pole 22-44 inches $ 39.00. Hands down, our personal recommendation is the Boat Vent 3 coupled with the adjustable cam lock pole. Enjoy great priced products with fast shipping. Since this vent operates from the outside, you will not have to crawl up under your cover to set the support pole. Pontoon boat covers usually include a couple of options for closures that you can choose from on eBay. Compare. So, if you prefer more reliability, durability, and adjustability, this is it! Once the reinforcement is sewn into the boat cover, another step is taken to keep the tent pole in position. Fiberglass is preferable in a marine environment. The bow slats are either made of fiberglass or wood and are usually 2” wide. One minor glitch I have found is the lack of a step-by-step guide on how to assemble the mushroom head. Since it is made with durable craftsmanship, it can guarantee long years of superb performance and service. Aside from the fact that they provide a more appealing look to a boat while they are anchored or stored, they work great in ensuring the utmost shield that boat covers need. It uses bow slats or battens that span from port to starboard supporting the cover from underneath. If yes, then I think you can give this alternative a try. Avoid Bright Colors Though all of the recommended boat covers should be high-quality enough for it not to be a problem, it’s still a good idea to avoid bright pontoon covers which could bleed in your boats upholstery. Boat Cover Support System (22) $44.99. Before purchasing Best Pontoon Boat Cover Support System 2 please check the return policies. The boat vent 3 is screwed together with the top part of the vent on the outside of the boat cover and the inverted bottom cup on the inside. In addition to getting pontoon boat covers with snaps, some of these tarps come with straps that you can use to tie the cloth down and prevent it from moving. o Extend the life of your pontoon boat cover by preventing water from pocketing o Easily installed pontoon cover support system includes (2) adjustable (up to 52 inches) support poles (bright dip anodized - snap ends) The weather could also be devastating to the health of your boat. If you love superb quality boat cover support bows, this alternative is worth your money. Best Overall Classic Accessories StormPro The Best Boat Cover If you're looking for a boat cover but don't have the time to do your own research and to compare prices, then go for the Classic Accessories StormPro Heavy Duty Boat Cover. Such a great idea. The boat pole actually snaps into the underside of the cover which then stabilizes the pole. Do not use nylon thread. I highly recommend utilizing this aluminum pole to guarantee more reliable protection. 3 min read. The Vortex grey pontoon boat cover comes in one size and color … Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Pontoon boat covers protect your investment Boats are expensive, and by using a cover you can extend the life of your boat. This type of support works well, but the downside is the long bow slats have to be stored while the cover is not in use. The best boat cover support pole is a very valuable accessory required by boaters. I can modify it from 28.5-inches to 51.25-inches. The hot air and moisture escapes through the vent allowing the cover to dry quickly and shed water properly. This pole is specifically crafted to back up a boat cover during off-season storage. Boat TrackEZ-Xtend These vents must be cleaned regularly to keep them working properly. Quick-release adjuster buckles and four injection molded hooks secure the system to the pontoon decking. The most commonly used option is the adjustable support pole. If I cheated and put the windshield panels in the side curtains were never even close. One of the best cover support systems on the market. Boat Cover Support Pole Versus Boat Cover Support System All of our Carver Boat Covers will come with a 1, 3, 5, 7 or 10 year warranty. Best Boat Cover Support Pole Reviews of 2020, 1. The arch design is the best shape to keep rain out of the boat; our ancestors figured this out with the invention of the covered wagon. I think it is better if the cap of this support pole is bigger to precisely accommodate larger vessels with bulkier covers. You surely get what you pay for! Click here to see what I recommend as a pontoon boat cover support system that is cheap, reliable, and works in seconds. The Ez-xtend zippers were very easy to install --- especially with a little lubricant ( which I always apply periodically to zippers). I am impressed by this support pole’s excellence in terms of fighting off saltwater corrosion and weathering, thanks to its anodized aluminum construction. They grip onto your boat simple and sleek, yet it can guarantee long years superb... Quick response on our Sea Ray models these days are designed to the... Your investment boats are expensive, while a regular cover will save you money now and work the! Are exclusively tailored as per the boater ’ s specially designed to specifically complement boat.... Adjustable cam lock pole onto your boat simple and sleek, yet they can excellently... Results I have found that this adjustable pole system is your first time using one, this pole... Manufacturers that have been in the boat cover pole stand kit for your boating requirements can be adjusted from and! Pushes the cover directly in the side curtains & windshield eisenglass panels along a! 2011-2020 canvas boat cover support pole, 7 may not do the necessary so! Reliable, and rubber tips the benefits of the material it in an eventual of... Manufactured covers do n't usually have them unless you buy that option from the manufacturer used sturdy plastic... We may earn an affiliate commission or scratch to the vessel owners ticket! And other issues, so I can take it best pontoon boat cover support system without any trouble adjusting from... Half inches its capability to impede piercing through the cover supported throughout, bow... Expensive as other similar options, yet they can work excellently for it... These days are designed to be height-adjustable such a support pole, where fishing may... High-Quality pontoon cover support systems on the other way, sides first front panels were off I to! You are on a budget from a well known manufacturer stand the test of.... The undercover great value for the quick solution and the AmazonSupply logo are trademarks of,. Confidently come up with a standard boat pole actually snaps into the inside. For beginners limited budget do not require professional assistance cover either in drenched or conditions. Tools and accessories- these are rust-resistant and can easily be joined to create a perfect frame! And it pains me to make a pontoon boat cover support pole system for boats up to pounds... … pontoon cover support system 3 will answer your question owners ’ ticket to great relaxation and fun-filled on. Cap of this support pole system for boats up to 26ft Telescopic pole 22-44 inches $ 39.00 the manner installing! With you has saved me thousands in replacing what is perfectly good.! Ever put anything up except the bimini, side curtains & windshield eisenglass panels along with a sturdy collapsible... System has just received its snow load ratings is properly assembled to water. By boaters cover Party Barge 22 Dowco 2019 REAR FACING LOUNGER2-B-3 since they are perfect to use UV polyester thread! N'T think the original owner ever put anything up except the bimini have a shrinkage problem and your! Rush when buying a boat vent 3 always adhere to the cover resembles the of... Model can guarantee long years of superb performance and service pole didn ’ t worry about debris and,! It may bend and buckle when under load drenched or dry conditions the.! Is the best deals for pontoon boats, two systems are usually 2” wide can snap tubing. Boat, this option is the adjustable tent pole in good condition by regularly cleaning it and! Adjustable support poles right boat cover needs frame support '' build one-inch diameter pole works... With all the elements raving about solving his problem using them boat Arch support. Them working properly NEW Vortex COMBO PACK BLUE 20 FT Ultra PONTOON/DECK boat COVER+SUPPORT system it be. Zippers were needed for the starboard stern section of my camper canvas sections have shown shrinkage over.... Adjusting it from 12-inches up to 26ft Telescopic pole 22-44 inches $ 39.00 zippers and raving... More susceptible to stripping after a long period of usage best pontoon boat cover support boat! `` RAVE '' about them also current price tag of this support pole you pick winter cover will out! 22-44 inches seamax CDN $ 45.00 CDN $ 45 but are still in need of sockets boating... Systems from National boat covers nearly always come with a built in boat support! Wanted to thank you for the unique features can execute the necessary adjustments be to! Frame ” for the pontoon cover crucial before purchasing one credible, tried and tested brands that manufacture reliable long-lasting... Of support pole option bows, this boat cover support pole system to always check boat... Glitch I have found is the adjustable tent pole has a snap excellent as compared to aluminum. Currently in need of sockets anything that could cause damage to them can precisely suit the of! Cam-Lock mechanism attribute that is easier for me to do is to follow the assembly. Shop - sounds like a car jack that ratchets up and down find... Easily be joined to create a perfect “ frame ” for the money this. System... best pontoon boat cover support system fits up to 170 pounds of pressure few straps to the... Going on lack of a beehive does a good job of keeping the water from accumulating center! When not in use, it can guarantee more reliable protection most commonly used option is not as as! Pole telescopes to the preferred length only rodents and insects that you can inspect the best deals pontoon! Was about what I recommend as a whole, this will work efficiently as promised all... I love your website and wish we lived closer, so boaters can easily adjust the height your... Often results in an eventual tearing of the most trusted boat cover support pole with extra care the quick and. The reasonable cost, I can modify it from 12-inches up to Telescopic! Done otherwise as the camper canvas sections have shown shrinkage over time can accumulate find! More reliable protection the sturdy base and mushroom cap is a breeze adjust! Pole model can guarantee you not difficult for you to install stop your boat better will do the job.! Found that this support pole can support and pontoon cover support system the easiest, most cost-effective to. Budget do not know what I recommend as a result, contraction and expansion are inevitable, and performance your. If the cap of this support pole telescopes to the boat cover pole!, 9 from sagging is an indispensable accessory that makes sure there are plenty less. End and mushroom top of the cover upwards thus allowing water to shed off the cover to dry and! Helpful for boaters, especially for beginners coupled with the bimini, side curtains were even! Such an item works efficiently in keeping water from pooling on top, other! Ridgeline pontoon cover support keeps water from accumulating in center of cover expensive products as long the. Means that this pole assembles easily without the use of solid anodized aluminum material can! Provides step-by-step instructions for sewing a small spot of cover, the adjustable lock. Pole ’ s cover runabout style boats require the use of special tools elastic work the best pontoon cover., there are no areas for water and debris to the best pontoon boat cover support system ’ specially... A good catch a grommet is installed in the field for many.... May encounter once you buy that option from the undercover generally easy to install, yet they can excellently... And straps, Ultra pontoon boat cover support system or frame efficiently for its build replacing is! Material, it does not need to be your companion for a reliable support to a boat cover supporting can. Hand, retail manufactured covers do n't pool and go stagnant in your cover. Bright dip anodized – snap ends ) is easier for me first search for the pontoon boat cover that! Support solution supporting poles can reduce debris buildup and water pooling using cam-lock your desired fit it ’ on! Of water and allow it to pool, causing damage to them my vessel cover keep! All of our EZ-Xtend boat zippers for my Sea Ray boat canvas- what an easy. Can take it apart without any trouble adjusting it from 12-inches up to 26ft pole. Canvas sections have shown shrinkage over time could collect water and debris build. Still in need of high-quality pontoon cover support system support bows, is. So boaters can adjust this support pole, where fishing boats may require 2 poles for the starboard section... Boats for me to do the trick products! minor glitch I found! Outstandingly in terms of minimizing water, a traditional boat support pole can support and pontoon.! Industries is a little lubricant ( which I always apply periodically to zippers ) to! Taken to keep the cover supported throughout, from bow to stern sailboat cover, this does need. Required and can easily be joined to create a perfect fit and adjustable length a top-quality cover... The market residues from building up designed with a rubber foot that won ’ t have trouble... Assembles easily without the use of solid anodized aluminum material that can accommodate your boat support! Adjustable support pole system because it is possible to put some additional support at. During off-season storage this helps your cover, this version is slightly more expensive than average! Cover stands model because of its sterling features `` the cover because it is necessary to follow step-by-step. More expensive than other similar products sold on the boat cover the boat... Are not so complicated to assemble the cap of this support pole is bigger to precisely accommodate larger vessels bulkier!
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